Peninsula Swimming & Aquatic Centre

2 Colchester Road, Rosebud, Vic, 3939, Phone: 5981 2667

Lap Swimming

Lap swimming is a fantastic way to improve fitness, strength & endurance. Many believe that it is the best way to begin your working day. We have Lane Schedules available for the upcoming 2 weeks to enable you to plan your swims to fit in with your busy lifestyle.


Lap times are subject to pool bookings. Please check the Lane Schedules, or call our friendly staff to check on lane availability before you come down.


Adult casual visit $7.00
Adult 10 visit card (valid for 12mths) $65.00
Adult 20 Visit card (valid for 12mths) $110.00

Child casual visit $5.00

Child 10 visit card (valid for 12mths) $45.00

Lane Schedules

Lane schedules reflect the availability of Lap Lanes only and not
that of General Swimming.
(Click here for General Swimming Times)
Lane schedules are subject to change without notice.